Eco Balloons

Eco-friendly or “Biodegradable” balloons are 100% natural latex which is responsibly sourced to provide businesses, event planners and customers, in general, an eco-friendly alternative to balloons. Latex balloons are created with biodegradable latex rubber material, which is a totally natural product that comes from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis (or simply, a tree that grows in very warm climates.) It will then break down when exposed to the ever-changing elements of nature. This then means that if these balloon products are exposed to the world, then the oxidation will help them to ultimately break down, this tends to happen within the first hour of inflation and is most evident when the balloon is exposed to any form of direct sunlight, heat or even normal outdoor conditions. It is thought that the overall time for a balloon to biodegrade is around the same time as an oak leaf (which is around 6 months.) but this depends on the surrounding conditions. Take a look at our PAPER BALLOONS TOO !!!

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