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Halloween Decorations

Celebrating Halloween this year may look a little different due to a few words we have heard too many times in the last few months, COVID-19 and social distancing! But fear not – we’re going to help put the fun back into Halloween this year!


Trick or treating is one of the main activities for Halloween. For as long as we can remember, kids have been going around with a group of friends and getting sweets when knocking on neighbours doors. At the moment, it’s probably not the best idea to go around knocking on lots of random doors, so why not set up a smaller scale trick or treat route for the kids.

Liaise with a couple of your kids friends parents – each of you could set up a little Halloween goodie bag for each of the kids. By having these pre-filled treat bags there will be no rummaging around big bowls of sweets and the kids can literally pick up their bag and be on their way. Then, create some sort of rota where each of you drives to the others houses and picks up 1 treat bag from each house. The treat bag could be left on the porch or just inside the door so the kids don’t have to go in. They can also see their friend all dressed up!

This way, the kids are still getting a variety of sweets (or other goodies!) that aren’t just bought by you, and they still get the experience of trick or treating!

If you’re not going out, why not set up your own home treat-or-treat station. The little ones could go on a Halloween themed Easter egg hunt or treasure hunt if you prefer. Also make sure everyone’s fully in the spirit with some awesome costumes, otherwise, is it really Halloween?!

Decorate the house in a BIG way

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home recently with lockdown, home working and less social events – so make sure you transform your house into a spooky setting. Make it feel like a completely different space!

Balloons are a necessity at any party, so why would Halloween be any different? 

Pumpkin Carving

If you haven’t been carving a pumpkin every Halloween, what have you been doing?! A pumpkin carving competition is a great activity to do at home that will get the family laughing! You could have a theme for everyone to stick to, or just see what everyone comes up with. In order to keep things fair, get some outside opinions to declare the winner. Get a poll going on Instagram to see who comes out on top, or maybe get a group of friends all doing the same thing and send all the images on a group chat!

Once you’ve finished carving your design into the pumpkin, add some finishing touches, like some fake spiders webs or our spooky pumpkin stickers!

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