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Seeds - Nectar Flower

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Nectar Flower seeds, 1 chosen at random but may include ...

 Lavender, Grow in pots, on a windowsill, in a border, along pathways, just anywhere you can enjoy this relaxing scent.

Sunflower, These sun worshippers can grow up to 2m+ the giant golden beauties will be fun to grow and will bring a whole heap of bees, butterflies and bugs to your garden. 

Nigella Love in a Mist - these sky-blue beauties, may look wispy and delicate, but are no damsel in distress and will be hardy to an English frost. 

Cosmos Purity - wonderfully white blooms sitting on apple green leaves. Enjoy these in the garden or cut for the kitchen table vase. 

Echinacea Purpurea - Makes for a superb sight in clumps of purple blooms growing to 90cm+ They are a real zinger for the bumblebees and butterflies.