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Make Your Own Emmeline Pankhurst Doll

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Cotton Twist Intl Women's Day Emmeline Pankhurst Peg Doll Emmeline Pankhurst is the first in a series of Wonderful Women; a collaboration with publisher, Thea Chops Books, celebrating some of the amazing women we love. As with all of our peg doll craft kits, children will love creating their own mini Emmeline while learning a little history. Each kit contains cardboard cut outs & glue dots to turn the wooden peg into a mini Emmeline doll. The instruction card details information on making the doll, together with a rhyming poem from Thea Chops Books about Emmeline & Suffragettes. Cotton Twist craft activities are often gifted as party bag or stocking fillers. Cotton Twist products are lovingly assembled by hand, & all components are as good as we can possibly make them.