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Sweet Pea Seeds - Herboo
Sweet Pea Flowers
Poppy Pandora Flowers
Poppy Shirley Double Flowers
Zinnia Lilac
Zinnia Red Flowers - Herboo
Sunflower Teddy bear flowers

Seeds - Cut Flower

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Cut Flower Seeds, 1 supplied chosen at random but may include one of the following ...

Sweet Pea, These dwarf sweet peas are a delight of colour and scent. 

Poppy Pandora, These poppies, open into deep papery blooms. 

Poppy Shirley Double, Double flowers in reds, whites and pinks.

Zinnia Lilac, beautiful lilac bloom with double petals and contrasting crest, they will brighten your day.

Zinnia Red, . These splash like blooms make for something fresh in your garden beds and cut flower ensemble.

Sunflower Teddy Bear, These Teddy Bear Sunflowers will grow in abundance of extraordinary deep golden flowers.