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Sustainable Joy by Talking Tables

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We love bringing people together. And we love our wonderful planet. Two simple ideas – and a lot of big thinking, hard work and investment to make one support the other.

Recycle at home

We’ve made some big changes over the last year – starting with our revolutionary eco cups.

No foils. No glitter.

Microplastics in the natural world? We’re removing them from our existing products – they’re banned from our new ones.

Play without plastic

We’re cutting single-use plastics from puzzles and games – think card wraps and poly bags – yet everything will still be pristine.

Love it. Use it. Keep it.

If it can’t be recycled – string lights are a great example – we make sure it’s built to last for 5-10 years of fun.

Sourced with care

We’ve been FSC members since 2012. And from 2022, all our textiles will be organic cotton, cutting water and pesticide use.
Look out for our green tree logo for all of our FSC®-certified products.

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