Rainbow Isolation Party Ideas

The Perfect Party choice to Brighten the Day ! This colourful theme is ideal for all ages and its pretty simple design makes it very easy to recreate at home.

Choose from Bright Bold Rainbow colours or softer Pastel Rainbow decor. We are loving our pretty pastel party pieces, from rainbow shaped plates ...



to the beautiful Pastel Party Balloons... 


and the most fabulous Rainbow pastel cake toppers...



A Party backdrop can add a whole new look to your party room at home and be a fabulous addition to your Virtual Party Look ! our New Pastel Mix backdrop is stunning and so popular already 


Not forgetting the Sweetest part of the day - Cake ! one of our personal favourites are the rainbow sprinkles cakes - easy to make but even easier to buy a plain cake and sprinkle some magic onto it at home ! Here is a great example of cake heaven ...


And if your sweet cravings are anything like ours you will love our Rainbow Donut Wall (sadly it doesn't arrive with donuts attached!)



We may not sell the cake but we do have lots of beautiful cake accessories to complete your masterpiece ...




There may not be all the guests you were originally planning to attend your party right now - but everyone at home can still have fun with a few little party favours - heres some classics ....




We hope this has given you a little help and inspiration - but please get in touch if you need any more helpful tips ! sales@theoriginalpartybagcompany.co.uk 

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