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Sale Felt Bee Keyring Sale

Felt Bee Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt bee keyring. This busy little bee will make a perfect party bag filler or even a unique birthda..

Sale Felt Brontosaurus Keyring Sale

Felt Brontosaurus Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Brontosaurus keyring. This veggie loving giant looks super cute as a mini and will add a touch ..

Sale Felt Bunny Keyring Sale

Felt Bunny Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt bunny keyring. What a cutie ! this floppy little bunny is a great party bag filler perfect for ..

Sale Felt Flamingo Keyring Sale

Felt Flamingo Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt flamingo keyring. This fabulous flamingo keyring is perfect for a unique party bag filler or as..

Sale Felt Mouse Keyring Sale

Felt Mouse Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Mouse Keyring. What a cutie ! This portly little mouse is perfect for the festive season. Super..

Sale Felt Peacock Keyring Sale

Felt Peacock Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Peacock keyring. This marvellously colourful keyring with its delicate design is something not ..

Sale Felt Penguin Keyring Sale

Felt Penguin Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Penguin Keyring. What a cutie ! This fluffy little penguin will make a great party bag or even ..

Sale Felt Pig Keyring Sale

Felt Pig Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Flying Pig Keyring. Well look at that ... turns out pigs can fly after all. This friendly farmy..

Sale Felt Polar Bear Keyring Sale

Felt Polar Bear Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt Polar Bear keyring. What a friendly fellow ! This cute little bear is happy to hang anywhere an..

Sale Felt Unicorn Keyring Sale

Felt Unicorn Keyring

£5.95 £3.00

Felt unicorn keyring. A firm favourite with little girls this gorgeous unicorn keyring will add some..

Sale Fishing Game Party Bag Filler Sale

Fishing Game Party Bag Filler

£1.00 £0.25

Magnetic Fishing Game Comes complete with rod and 2 fish Great Party Bag Gift for all Guests ..

Sale Four In A Row Game Sale

Four In A Row Game

£2.00 £0.50

Smaller version of the popular game "four in a row" Great as a party gift or game   ..

Sale Frankenstein Tote Sale

Frankenstein Tote

£6.00 £3.00

Frankenstein Tote Bag. A Canvas Tote approx 9" x 9" perfect gift especially together with our fabulo..

Sale Frog Bubbles by Rice Dk Sale

Frog Bubbles by Rice Dk

£1.50 £1.00

Girls Soap Bubbles on a Rope Frog Design Great Party Gift by RICE ..

Sale Future Author Tote Sale

Future Author Tote

£4.00 £1.50

Future Author Tote Bag. This 9" x 9" canvas tote bag is a fabulous addition to the range of Children..